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Thanks to well-qualified personnel and professional equipment, our dental surgery provides our patients with dentistry of the highest quality.

Years of experience and constant improvement of our qualifications result in an increase of trust and satisfaction from our clients.

Our customers always leave our clinic with smiles on their faces.

Our team

Thanks to the wide experience, our clinic provides services on the highest, European level. We do not rest on our laurels, and we are constantly developing and expanding our knowledge and skills taking part in many courses and trainings. We strongly believe that beautiful and snow-white smile is the best showcase of people. That is why we make every effort to help you achieve this goal in Dental Clinic. Taking care of the highest quality of services provided and the comfort of our patients, we have invested in the most innovative dental equipment manufactured by the Japanese company Morita. We cooperate also with the reputable, prosthetic laboratory in Germany. Endeavoring to achieve full satisfaction from provided services, we offer the individual approach to each of ours patient and friendly atmosphere during visits.

Our offer

X-ray diagnosis

The X-ray services and the general estimation of the possibilities concerning the conducted treatments using X-ray apparatus are new services in our surgery. Thanks to the installation of panoramic and punctual X-ray apparatus, which are characterized by the lowest level of radiation emission we guarantee, that all of taken photos are safe for your health and life.

The computer precision, allows us to preview and process works and immediate result in a form of a photo which constitutes the complement of our possibilities concerning your smile.

Our prices:

Spot X-ray – 50 zł

Panoramic X-ray – 100 zł

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is focused mainly on natural and health teeth and we will help you to keep it in a good condition and health for many years. In accordance with the dental knowledge and the possibilities of currently produced materials of fillings, we make every effort to make our treatments possibly not invasive and in such a way which leaves the dental tissue possibly intact.

Taking care of our patients, we cure cavities and areas qualified for aesthetic fillings. We bring back their condition from the period before the sickness by modeling them in accordance with the lines of the teeth. Only works performed in such a way look natural and the fillings will not make you feel uncomfortable. We do not correct the nature but instead we restore its shine.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is about filling up cavities in patient’s teeth using the composite material, matched to the color and the shape of cavity in such a way, that the effect will not be visible.

Porcelain veneers – the complements carried out in a technical laboratory. The minimal preparation of tooth is demanded and the correction of the shape and color is possible.

Inlay Onlay – substantial filling carried out in a technical laboratory. It makes the anatomic reconstruction of the tooth possible. After the treatment, the tooth has correctly shaped bumps on the chewing surface and tangential points. Such treatment guarantees that the perfect look and the regular functions are restored.

Our prices:

Fillings – from 250 zł to 400 zł

Temporary filling – 150 zł

Dental anesthesia – 50 zł

Professional Cleaning – 400 zł

Tooth reconstruction on a glass fiber insert – 500 zł

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is based on removing the mutated tissue from the tooth, analyzing the root canal and filling it up. In order to increase the precision during the treatment we are working using the leica microscope and the specialized endodontic devices.

The root canal treatment makes it possible to keep the treated tooth for a long time.

Our prices:

Root canal treatment – from 800 zł  –  1200 zł

Repeated root canal treatment – from 1100 zł – 1500 zł

Additional root canal – from 300 zł

Broken tool removal – from 400 zł – 500 zł


We are always doing our best in order to find the most suitable variant of prosthetic filling, fitted to the individual needs of each of our patients.
In our clinic we make:

  • Crownwork and bridgework
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental plates fixed on locks – making possible a beautiful smile without visible buckles
  • Acetal dental plates
  • Telescopic dentures

IMPLANTS and surgery

We insert an implant into the bone in order to reconstruct the missing tooth. Implant can be loaded with bridge or prosthesis. Denture situated on the implants is very stable and does not move during eating. The materials used to produce the implant do not provoke any allergic reactions and easily consolidate with the bone tissue which surrounds it. By employing the SimPlant program, we are able to precisely plan the placement of the implant in the bone, which makes the operation fast and fully safe for the patient. Crowns situated on implants look very natural and extinction of the bone tissue after the extraction is stopped.

Our prices:

Consultation – 150 zł

Implant placement  – 3 500 zł

Crown on the implant – from 3 000 zł ( 6 months after implant placement )

Bone augmentation – from 3 500 zł

Lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus – from 2 500 zł
Tooth extraction – from 300 zł
Wisdom tooth extraction – from 500 zł
Impacted wisdom tooth removal  – from 600 zł

Teeth whitening

In Dental Clinic we use comfortable and safe teeth whitening method using whitening trays.

Tray method is a treatment done at home by a patient. The patient receives from the doctor whitening trays made on the basis of the previously made cast, and a special whitening gel. At home patient applies gel into the trays and puts them on for about 3 hours in the beginning, to check teeth sensitivity, and then for the night time. Treatment lasts for about 10-14 days depending on each patients needs and preferences. The effect comes gradually, whereby patient can choose the perfect teeth color.

Our prices:

Teeth whitening – 900 – 1 450 zł